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Our Finances
Our Finances

Our Finances


Here at Neighborhood Church, our Finance Team focuses on being transparent, honest and simple. As a result, we want anyone that is interested in giving to understand why they give and where we spend the money. If these two things are not abundantly clear, then we encourage you to reach out to us!


We give as a joyful response to God's abundant grace. In doing so, we believe giving can be done through our time, our treasure and our talents. However, we understand that giving is an important decision and we have provided further information as to why we give.​

We believe that we can give because we have been given much. We give as a response to the unending grace and love that God has shown us through the work of Jesus on the cross and the daily work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. 



We believe that “giving” can come in the form of your time, treasure and talents. Before you give in any capacity, we want you to know where your gifts are going, why we are using them in this way and how we ensure that your generosity is being used in ways that honor God and serves others.


We believe that giving is personal. We do not “pass around the plate” nor do we make it a spectacle. What, how and where you give is between you and God.

  • What is Transparency?
    We believe transparency is where everyone is fully informed of the financial details of the church. The only information not provided to anyone, including pastors and staff, is who gives and how much they give.
  • Can I see the church finances?
    Absolutely! You can find all our financial information, posted monthly, in our blog under the "Monthly Financials" tab found above. We believe in showing our congregation, as well as the general public, how we steward our finances in a responsible and intentional manner. In an effort to promote financial transparency, we have provided public access to our monthly financials in our Giving Blog. By inviting others into this process, we keep ourselves open to accountability.
  • What does the Finance Team do?
    The Finance Team ensures that we are being good stewards of the resources God has blessed us with by managing our revenues and expenses faithfully. Our goal is to maximize generosity to our neighborhood while facilitating church operations.
  • What does your budget look like?
    Our goal is to have at least 50% of our monthly revenue available to "give away" through our Missional Communities and Mission Fund, in order to meet the immediate needs of our neighborhood. The remaining 50% is used to manage regular church operations (rent, salary, payroll taxes, administrative needs, etc.).
  • What is the Mission Fund?
    The Mission Fund is what we call the resources that we set aside to meet the needs of our neighborhood. 50% of our monthly revenue is put into the Mission Fund for our Missional Communities to use.
  • Who decides how the Mission Fund is used?
    As of today, the Mission Fund is distributed in a joint effort between the Missional Community Group Leaders, Pastor Eric and our Finance Team. Eventually, when we establish our own board of elders and deaconate, the deaconate will be in charge of managing the Missional Fund, the Missional Communities will be in charge of identifying needs/disbursing and the board of elders will provide general oversight to ensure that it is being used correctly.
  • What criteria do you apply to use the Mission Fund?
    Whenever we receive a request to use the Mission Fund towards someone or something, we look for a few things: Need: is there an immediate and sudden need that they will have trouble meeting? Urgency: is someone at risk or potentially at risk? Proximity: are they in our neighborhood? We define neighborhood as those around us, not necessarily someone in Neighborhood Church. So we look for friends, and friends of friends. Someone that we can build relationships with and continue helping, not just throw money at them and disappear. Although each instance does not need to meet all three, we use them as a guideline when deciding.
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