August 2019 Financials


Please see below our August 2019 Financial update:

1) August 2019 Financials

After two months of lower revenues during the summer, we experienced a significant increase for the month of August – a total of $7,221. We are incredibly thankful and humbled by our congregation’s generosity and God’s constant provision. Nevertheless, given the range of fluctuation in monthly revenue, we are maintaining a more conservative budget as we plan for the future.

Some giving statistics:

· Revenue: $7,220.65 (projected $6,000)

· Average donation: $344 (+128 from last month)

· # of Giving Units: 21 (-1 from last month)

· Min: $25

· Max: $1,800

Click HERE to view our monthly financial documents on Google Drive!

2) Searching for a Children’s Director

As our community continues to grow, we have decided to explore the possibility of hiring a Children’s Director who will be responsible for childcare during our Sunday morning corporate worship service. If you or anyone you know would be interested in this position, please reach out to Pastor Eric ( for more details.

3) Mission Fund

At the beginning of August, our Mission Fund had a balance of $3,849. Of this total, we have committed $195 towards a counseling session for Person A. At the end of August, we increased the Mission Fund by $3,610 (50% of our August revenue), which now brings our total Mission Fund balance for the month of September to $7,264.

We have noticed a slight decrease in the use of our Mission Fund over the past few months, which is indicative of the activity of our Missional Community groups. We hope that as the semester kicks off and we get back into our normal routines, each Missional Community group will work with its members to identify and meet the tangible needs of our neighborhood. If you have any questions regarding the Misson Fund, how it works or what it is used for, please contact the Finance Team!

Thank you all again for trusting and equipping us to serve God and our church in this way.

- The Finance Team


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