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July 2019 Financials


Please see below our July 2019 Financial Update:

1) July 2019 Financials

As we mentioned during our last update, the summer months tend to be a season of lower revenues. Although our revenue in July is slightly higher than in June, we are still below our average for the first half of the year. Nevertheless, we anticipated this temporary reduction and expect to see a slight increase in the coming months. In addition, due to the lower revenues, we successfully reduced our variable expenses for the month in order to avoid overspending.

Some giving statistics:

  • Revenue: $4,758.04 (projected $6,000)

  • Average donation: $216 (+31 from last month)

  • # of Giving Units: 22 (even from last month)

  • Min: $25

  • Max: $600

Click HERE to view our monthly financial documents on Google Drive!

2) Mission Fund

At the beginning of July, our Mission Fund had a balance of $2,270. Of this total, we have committed $800:

  • $500 to Person A to assist them with a sudden loss of income

  • $300 to Person B to help pay for mental health counseling sessions

At the end of July, we increased the Mission Fund by $2,379 (50% of our July revenue), which now brings our total Mission Fund balance for the month of August to $3,849.

The purpose of this Mission Fund is for our community to use it as a resource to meet the tangible needs of our neighborhood. Please work with your Missional Communities to identify any needs or opportunities and contact the Finance Team for next steps.


We again thank you for your continued support and ask that you would keep us in your prayers, asking that God would grant us wisdom to steward His resources and faith that He will continue to provide for His church.

- The Finance Team

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