March 2019 Financials

Updated: Apr 19, 2019


Please see below our March 2019 Financial update.

1. March 2019 Financials

Through God’s grace and your generosity, we have seen our growth extend into March 2019, as we are trending roughly $6.5K per month for the first three months of the year. What is happening in our church is nothing short of a miracle, so we thank God for continuing to bless and guide us as we grow in both depth and numbers.

  • Revenue: $7,441

  • Min: $40

  • Max: $2,000

  • Average: $286

  • # of Giving Units: 26

Click HERE to view our monthly financials on Google Drive!

2. Eric Isaac Salary

As we mentioned in the first section, our baseline revenue is trending higher. As a result, we have increased Eric’s monthly gross salary (starting in March 2019) to $1,250. We have been very encouraged by the sustainability of our growth and expect it to slowly continue increasing, allowing us to further invest in our neighborhood and our church.

3. Mercy Fund

Many of you have been asking for more information regarding our Missional Community Mercy Fund and what we have been up to the past few months. This Mercy Fund is an expense account, used by our Missional Communities, where we make available 50% of our monthly revenue to glorify/worship God by satisfying the immediate needs of those around us.

Since our accounting books are Cash-Basis, only the checks that have been cleared/used are reflected in our monthly financials. However, we have committed/promised funds that either 1) have not been used yet or 2) will be used slowly over time. To make this as clear as possible, we will differentiate between funds that have been used and funds that have been committed.

Q1 2019 Giving

Thank you all again for trusting and equipping us to serve God and our church in this way. If you have any questions at all, please let us know

- The Finance Team (Brett Horne and Martin Barbieri)

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