November 2019 Financials


Please see below our November 2019 financial update:

1) November 2019 Financials

Revenue for the month of November was $5,744, just under our average projection.

Some giving statistics:

  • Revenue: $5,744 (projected $6,000)

  • Average donation: $220 (-26 from last month)

  • # of Giving Units: 26 (+2 from last month)

  • Min: $25

  • Max: $600

Click HERE to view our monthly financial documents on Google Drive!

2) We Hired a Children's Director!

We are excited to announce that we have hired Monica Lopez de Victoria to lead our children's ministry as a part-time Children's Director. She officially began in the middle of November, so our December financials will include her December and November payroll numbers. We will soon be officially introducing Monica on Sunday morning for you all to meet her!

3) Mission Fund

At the beginning of November, our Mission Fund had a balance of $6,825. Of this total, we have:

  • Committed $260 to help Person A with mental health counseling;

  • Committed $300 to help Person B with mental health counseling; and

  • Returned $130 to the Mission Fund for unused funds committed in prior months.

At the end of November, we increased the Mission Fund by $2,872 (50% of our November revenue), which now brings our total Mission Fund balance for the month of December to $9,267.

4) Mission Fund Use in December

For the month of December, we have decided to make an organized push to utilize the balance of our Mission Fund before the end of the year. As a result, the Finance Team has been meeting with all of the Mission Community groups to provide additional guidance on how and when to use the Mission Fund to meet the needs of our Neighborhood and live on mission in light of the Gospel. So far, the results have been promising, as many groups have identified different ways that they can serve God and others during the holiday season. Stay tuned!

We are excited to see how God will continue to provide for us and move within our neighborhood through our Missional Communities. Thank you again for your prayers and support.

- The Finance Team

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