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November & December 2020 Financials + Year End Review


Please see below a combined update of our November and December finances plus a recap of our entire year.

1) November and December 2020 Financials

Revenue was $2,965 for the month of November and $14,082 for the month of December. One of the reasons for this large difference is because our donation processor held a portion of our November funds until we verified some contact information. Once we cleared it with them, the funds we received in November were deposited into our account in December. As a result, our December numbers contain about $2,500 that we actually received in November.

That being said, December was still our highest month ever! Although we do not anticipate this level of revenue to continue into January, we are incredibly thankful and excited to end the year strong and begin this new year with an increased Mission Fund balance.

Click HERE to view our monthly financial documents on Google Drive!

2) Mission Fund

During November and December, we had the following Mission Fund expenses:

  • $3,400 to help a family who recently lost their father/husband

  • $2,000 to help a family who recently lost their daughter/sister

  • $6,000 to help a family who recently lost their wife/mother

  • $950 towards mental health counseling for three people

  • $600 to help someone who just lost their job

  • ~$1900 to help cover bills and rent for a family struggling to make ends meet

  • $1,600 to cover partial medical bills for Person E

  • $450 to help fix Person F’s car

  • $200 to take food to a grieving family

3) 2020 Recap

Our total revenue for 2020 was $80,864, which is almost a 10% increase from last year; an unbelievable accomplishment in light of a global pandemic and in only the second year of our young church’s life. In addition, because we commit half of every dollar we get in donations, that means we have invested over $40,000 into our Mission Fund this year!

This past year has been very difficult for all of us. However, in difficult times we know God’s strength is at its greatest. As a result, we have seen throughout the entire year God using Neighborhood Church as an instrument of His grace in our neighborhood.

Through the use of our Mission Fund, we have witnessed a direct impact to many lives within and around our church. Additionally, we have noticed an indirect impact, as other communities slowly adopt/commit to similar financial models, changing the relationship between Church and Money. This sort of progress is something we should all be very proud of and eager to see how God uses to change our city! This reality was significantly furthered by your devotion, action and generosity. For that, we thank each and every single one of you for trusting us and we thank God for blessing us with this amazing community.


Please continue to stay safe and connected during these troubling times. If anyone needs anything at all, please contact us, your Missional Community leader or Pastor Eric. As always, if you have any questions about our financial update, please contact the Finance Team at

Take care,

The Finance Team

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