October 2019 Financials


Please see below our October 2019 Financial update:

1) October 2019 Financials

Revenue for the month of October was $5,921, which is consistent with our monthly average. Nothing significant to report.

Some giving statistics:

  • Revenue: $5,921 (projected $6,000)

  • Average donation: $246 (+9 from last month)

  • # of Giving Units: 24 (even from last month)

  • Min: $25

  • Max: $925

Click HERE to view our monthly financial documents on Google Drive!

2) Mission Fund

At the beginning of October, our Mission Fund had a balance of $4,688. Of this total, we have:

  • Spent $200 to pay for groceries for a Family A from funds which were previously committed in prior months; and

  • Committed $823.15 to pay for past due and current FPL power bill for Family B

At the end of October, we increased the Mission Fund by $2,960 (50% of our October revenue), which now brings our total Mission Fund balance for the month of October to $6,825.

With the end of the year in sight, our hope is that we continue to grow both financial and in our Mission Fund activities as we faithfully serve God and our community together. Thank you as always for the trust you have in us as we steward the resources God has blessed us with.

- The Finance Team


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